Small, first use glossary for non-experts

Is considered the place where the family lives and produces

Is a microscopic test in which we find the floral origin of all the pollen granules.

Procedura di laboratorio volta a identificare in un miele una serie di parametri indicativi della qualità  o della tipologia.

A person rating done using the view, the smell, the touch and the taste with some general parameters to compare the sensory experiences.

Secrection of the bee that produces it during the transformation of the nectar; it’s used tu buid the honeycombs

Set of eggs, larvae , nymphs , pupae (all the different stages of development of the bee before becoming an adult) within the honeycomb cells

Honey , originally liquid , tends to solidify at much higher the concentration of glucose. This is a natural phenomenon. Honeys with an high component of fructose tend to crystallize slowly or never. the crystallization changes depending on the type of honey and the temperature : at 14 ° C takes place quickly and gives rise to fine crystals , at 20 ° occurs slowly , but the grains are larger .

Is defined the manual or mechanical action done to remove the wax sealput by bees  that seal the honey to keep it for a long time.

All the worker bees , the drones and the queen living in a beehive. In every beehive there’s one and only queen.

Vertical construction built by bees patterned on two sides . It is comprised of many small wax cells containing honey, pollen or brood . in nowadays bees are induced to build the honeycomb inside small wooden looms

Produced by bees using the resin of trees , in turn produced by the excretions of insects that suck the sap